Kommers Order

Things handeled in the Order module are orders, order authorization and goods recieving. Depending on configuration and system rights there are possibilities to make simple free text orders with or without contracts or directly from procurement.

For very easy to use ordering functions for the organisation Kommers Web Shop module is used. It is also possible to download a cart from the suppliers external Web Shop with the option Kommers Punchout.

Integrated electronic trading

  • For suppliers who do not have a full EDI-integration the purchase order is automatically sent as an e-mail from Kommers Supplier Portal to the order reciver. Portal orders are self-instructive and requires no no administration at all by the buyer.
  • The administration of orders is identical whether it is a free text order, a punchout orderfrom the suppliers web shop or a web-shop order created in Kommers.
  • Purchase orders, order attest and approval of goods reception, can be made directly in the mobile phone, making it quick and easy for the employees.
  • Kommers Order module offers several technical interfaces for integration with e.g. finance systems and electronic invoice managment systems.
  • Electronic transactions via PEPPOL, direct integration, VAN or the Supplier Portal

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