Kommers Auction

Reversed e-auction is a method to close a procurement similar to a negotiation. The function can be added to the process of ypur chose. It is generally a good prcatice to keep it simple. Invitation is made to the qualified tenderers that you decide upon. 

The bidders have a short amount of time to take decision and will therefore only need to submit a bid on the complete assortment. The settings for the auction includes proposal on starting bid, equal to the lowest price in the first offer.

Easy to use and effective

  • Fully integrated in Kommers and the supplier portal Kommers Annons
  • Supplers are invited to the same location as the rest of the inquiry
  • Bidders are anonymous to each other
  • Bidders are anonymous for the buyer
  • Settings include a minimum price reduction
  • Fully automatic avent
  • Automatic extension in case of late bids
  • Automatic paus after e.g. office hours, whereby the auction continuous the next day
  • The auction terminates automatically if no more bids arrive before the end time including extensions
  • If required, the value of the final bid can be redistributed among the specified articles

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