Kommers Web Shop

Kommers Web Shop is developed so that users in the organisation should be able to order completely without education. Anyone who has previously used a Web Shop online will be able to order.

The administration of Kommers Web Shop is designed to be as simple and effective as possible, without sacrificing flexibility. All suppliers who can supply a price list can participate.

Easy and affective

  • Simple article ordering without need of education.
  • All information about the supplier, cost center, commercial conditions, order information, etc. is already clear.
  • Minimal administration for publishing as information about items are reused from the previous steps (procurement, contract, previous orders or shopping cart).
  • Price lists automatically creates articles in the Web Shop, all suppliers can participate.
  • Automatic publication / un-publication of articles when eg contracts becomes effective / expiry or the price list is valid / invalid.
  • Special features such as package of articles, multi-order / multi-delivery, import of "shopping list". Exact publication of permission groups ensures that the user only sees the right articles.
  • Indication if the article is procured (net priced) or is included in other selections. 

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