Kommers Invoice

Kommers invoice module provides automatic matching of invoices that are created as a result of orders made in Kommers. Suppliers can create invoices directly to the supplier portal or send e-invoices. If the order is authorized, the invoice matches with the purchase order and the delivery, then matching happen automatically without the need for manual intervention.

If an existing invoice processing system already exist, such as a module in your economy system, Kommers can alternatively send invoices on which e-invoices. If the invoice is created at the Supplier Portal it will be sent as a Svefaktura. In this way, investment in existing infrastructure be reused and Kommers can be introduced quickly and affectively.

Automatic and easy to use

  • Easy to use invoice management with the option to see related orders, cost centres, suppliers and invoice images.
  • Automatic matching of invoices against purchase orders.
  • Automatically approves invoice verification (arrival and Final Receipt) if matching within tolerance and the order is authorized.
  • Stays if deviations outside the tolerance or if needs on the arrival authorizes.
  • Three-point-matching supported.
  • Ability to automatically export portal invoices as e-invoices to existing invoice management system. Sent as an SFTI Svefaktura.
  • Support for partial delivery and special features such as Multi order / multi-delivery.
  • Full traceability from needs-procurement-contract-order-delivery-invoicing.
  • Receive invoices via PEPPOL, direct integration or via the Supplier Portal

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