Kommers eLite + Handel

With the add on Kommers eLite Handel, Kommers eLite transforms from a system for procurement and contract management, in to an integrated system for procurement and purchasing. Thanks to its user friendlyness, the system can be introduced to the organisation relatively fast. Quickly enjoy increased faithfullness to procured contracts, full traceability and happy faces.

With its delivery, you will instantly benefit from features accossited with an integrated procurement solution e.g. high faithfulness to procured contracts, transparency and traceability. With Kommers Handel you fully utilise to the benefits to use a system that support the entire process from need to invoice.

Quickly more effective

  • Turnkey solution according to the best practices for fast and easy implementation based on over 15 years of experience in developing procurement solutions.
  • Avoid the gap between what is being procured and what is ordered.
  • Achieve full traceability through the entire purchasing process.
  • Scrap the old routines, simplify the administration and become more efficient.
  • Get happy employees who appreciate an easy to use system.
  • Make it easier for suppliers by using the same supplier portal from inquiry to invoice.
  • Reduce the amount of systems for purchasing.
  • Reduce the amount of costly integrations.
  • Eliminate paper.
  • Get a central source for all purchases

Advantages and other solutions