Kommers makes it easier

Kommers facilitate centralised management of procurement, contract management and purchasing but at the same time it enables decentralised handling in virtual organisations. The key to success is to make it easy to purchase the right things, from the right supplier contract, to create transparency and facilitate the right purchase-behaviour.

Kommers makes ordering of indirect material and services easy for anyone in the organisation. A lot of effort have been put into making the system flexible and easy to understand, so that the majority of activities can be made without the need for training.

In control in 2 weeks!

Get in control with your procurements and purchasing in 2 weeks!

Solution for the private sector

Some Kommers-cutomers in the private sector


Kommers eNterprise helps LKAB to keep control of suppliers, contracts, procurements, complaints and sanctions.


Svevia use Kommers eNterprise to manage procurements, contracts and purchase orders for their projects with road constructions and road maintenance.


OKQ8 is one of Sweden's largest fuel company. Kommers eNterprise is centrally used for contract management and procurement.


Riksbyggen is one of Sweden's largest property managers, with housing associations and property owners as clients. Kommers eNtry was introduced during 2015.