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Kommers eNterprise helps LKAB to keep control of suppliers, contracts, procurements, complaints and sanctions.


In December 2012, Landskrona city became the first municipality in the Sweden to introduce an integrated purchasing system from the need to invoice.


OKQ8 is one of Sweden's largest fuel company. Kommers eNterprise is centrally used for contract management and procurement.


Since 2015 Folkhälsomyndigheten uses Kommers eLite for requisition, procurement and contract management. Kommers SSO facilitates login.

Lina Haglund, Director at Inköp Gävleborg

Inköp Gävleborg has a contract with Primona regarding Kommers. We are satisfied with the system and we particularly appreciate that Primona continuously improves Kommers to our wishes. Kommers is a flexible system that enable us to be alligned with our customers needs.

Maria Mera, Controller Finance- and Procurement, Kristianstads kommun

Kristianstad kommun use Kommers for procurement and contract management. We are very satisfied with the system and we particularly appreciate that the system evolves continuously, based on our user's requests. In case we have any question, the technical support at Primona always solve the issue neatly and with great customer focus.


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