2021 was an intense year

I would like to start with a big Thank You to all our customers, suppliers, partners and not least our employees for a good cooperation during a very intense 2021.

As for most people, the year 2021 was for me characterised by constant online meetings. For those of us who are in the IT industry, it is the standard way of communication that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. However, it becomes really boring in the long run, to continuously stare into a monitor. So it was liberating to be able to attend a couple of conferences, such as Mötesplats Offentliga Affärer in September. However, we have now been forced back to further online meetings. It seems like “the new normal”.

A learning organisation

Primona's talented employees have worked really hard to try to meet all our customers' requests this year. When I took over as CEO on January 1st this year, I knew that the biggest challenge we have is to convey the knowledge of our old foxes onto our many new employees. I am pleased to note that we have succeeded in finding new talented employees and I am very proud to see how everyone has developed and learned from each other. With new employees comes new insights and together we possess huge knowledge in purchasing, sourcing and electronic commerce. If anyone is wondering how fun that is... well, it’s really cool!

New owners and a larger organisation

The by far biggest event of the year is that Primona got new owners on January 29th. Primona is now part of the same sub-group as e-Avrop which creates new synergies. It opens for opportunities to coordinate costly investments needed in infrastructure for the public sector e.g. the management of the Procurement Statistics Act and the upcoming eForms format for TED-notices. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to develop better services for our customers in the private sector and also to make it easier for suppliers. Together we are a stronger organisation, by the end of this year we have grown to about 51 employees and over 55 million SEK in sales. With this power, we help simplify everyday life and create a better society.

A new Invoice module and new user interface

During the year we made several major deliveries to large authorities and private companies. One of the deliveries involved a major function enhancement of the Kommers Invoice module. This means that Kommers is now really a fully-fledged system for Electronic Order and Invoice Management. In fact, Kommers today has all the modules that we planned for when I joined Primona in 2009, that is over 10 years ago. We enable unique traceability throughout the procurement process from investment decisions, via sourcing, contract management, purchase order and invoice management. We realise that we have a very competitive system solution both in terms of usability, functionality, security and compatibility with a variety of other business systems. In addition, it is suitable for a wide range of applications in both small and large organisations in many industries.

A slightly smaller delivery that was extra fun, was to SKA Observatory which is an international organisation with the mission to build the world's largest radio telescope. Who knows, perhaps we contribute to the final evidence of life in space, the thought is mind blowing.

Kommers DataMart and the AI solution KAI

During the autumn, we launched Kommers DataMart as a standardised database for the entire procurement process. Together with an analytics tool like Kommers Analytics, developed together with ExOpen Systems, MicrosoftPower BI or other tool, we achieve what many customers have been dreaming of; flexible graphical reports, automatically and daily. Around the same time, the AI service KAI got an improved layout in production. So now, you have no longer any excuse for writing unclear requirements, with the financial consequences it may cause. Please contact us if you have not yet taken advantage of our campaign!

What will happen in 2022?

In conjunction with the further development of the Invoice module, we took the opportunity to introduce a new layout in Kommers and it will gradually be rolled out in the other modules during 2022.

Furthermore, during next year, we will develop solutions that will allow different types of information exchange between the e-Avrop-system and Kommers. Both systems will have many exciting new features and we will introduce even more modern user interfaces. For those who may have speculated, we want to deny, there are no plans to discontinue any of the products. However, the companies e-Avrop, Primona and the sub-group will get a new common brand, we plan to launch the new name of the group during the first quarter of 2022.

Time to reflect, time to care for other people

For those of us who work in IT, the pandemic is completely manageable, we all have the opportunity to work from home and our businesses are not significantly affected. It is very different for our heroes in healthcare sector and as usual, very hard for those in society with the smallest of opportunities. Therefore, our Christmas gift this year goes, once again, to the Stockholms Stadsmission who make a fantastic job. As usual, we do this instead of sending Christmas cards.

With these words, from all of us at Primona, to all of you, we wish you a truly relaxing Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2022!

Ragnar Lindholm
CEO Primona


Easier than ever

With Kommers, Primona help public and private organisations to gain control and to steamline their management of procurements, supplier contracts and purchase orders - from need to invoice. Kommers makes it easier!