eSigning integrated in Kommers 6.3

Release 6.3 now features the possibility to sign documents electronically, fully integrated in Kommers using the option Kommers IAS (Identify And Sign). The function makes it possible to sign documents in all file areas of Kommers and let the suppliers sign electronically on the supplier portal Kommers Annons. Any document can be signed e.g. a contract, an award decision notice, a trendering opening protocol, a contract extension. Electronic signing means that a person involved in the signing autentify himself using an electronic certificate, currently BankID or Nordea. The person do not need to have an own account in Kommers or Kommers Annons, someone just has to be logged in. A special function let you check at any time if a file has a valid signature or if it has been manipulated.


Easier than ever

With Kommers, Primona help public and private organisations to gain control and to steamline their management of procurements, supplier contracts and purchase orders - from need to invoice. Kommers makes it easier!