New Year and New Threshold Values

Happy New Procurement-Year!

The web service Kommers eLite has been updated with new threshold values and limit value for direct informal procedures, following the directives of the EU-commission. The upper limit value have been adjusted for the following procedures: 

1. Direct informal procurement LOU changed from SEK 505 800 to SEK 534 890

2. Direct informal procurement LUF changed from SEK 939 343 to SEK 993 368

3. Public works contracts (LOU/LUF Entreprenad) changed from SEK 45 256 666 to SEK 47 758 068

4. Simplified procedure and Selective procedure in government authorities changed from SEK 1 169 378 to SEK 1 233 941

5. Simplified procedure and Selective procedure for municipals and county councils changed from SEK 1 806 427 to SEK 1 910 323

6. Simplified procedure and Selective procedure LUF Procucts and services changed from SEK 3 612 854 to SEK 3 820 645

This type of adjustment is included in Kommers eLite. For customers using Kommers eNterprise the adjustment is made if agreed.


Easier than ever

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