Kommers Consultancy services

Data migration

A common requirement when replacing an older system with Kommers, is to import data from the old system to Kommers. We will of course assist you and we have a lot of experience of data migration.

System integrations

Integration with the organisation's ERP-system is common and often occur as part of the delivery of Kommers. It may be an integration with the finance system, an invoice management systems, or other system containing data about the business units, cost centres, archive or inventories.

Configuration and customization

Normally, the requirements can be solved with a simple configuration in Kommers. In case of special rquirements, Primona can make further developments and adaptations to Kommers. This can then result in a general improvement available to all cutomers, or a customer-specific function.

E-commerce integrations

For fully integrated electronic commerce (EDI) Primona assists with connectivity and integration with suppliers. Primona also help with connectivity to suppliers webshop if Kommers Punchout is used.

Technical project management

Technical project management may be needed at the implementation of Kommers, depending on the size of the project or organisation. Primona offers project management in-house and through partners.

Management consultancy services

Services like needs analysis, organisational investigation, purchasing strategy, spending analysis, the main project management and other management consulting services are offered in cooperation with partners.

Integration with other IT systems

Among system integrations made with Kommers, here are some mentioned:

Agresso - Integration for economical data from the economy system UNIT4 Agresso, synchronizing of supplier registers, contractexport to e-commerce and supplier portal. BankID - certificate management

Bisnode AB - Risk enlightment and monitoring is retrieved from Bisnode directly in to Kommers

Business objects - Business intelligence system

Creditsafe AB - Risk enlightment and monitoring is retrieved from Creditsafe directly in to Kommers

CGI - Integration with the invoice management system CDI and Raindance

Chambersign Sverige AB - For electronic signing of contracts and other documents directly on Kommers Advertisement Portal (service discontinued)

IBS - Integration with invoice management systems

IBM/Movex - Integration with business systems

Jeeves - Integration with economy systems

Steria - certificate management

Skatteverket - Direct integration with mainframe enviroment for company enlightment e4820

UC AB - Company Data, business and credit information is retrieved from UC directly into Kommers

OlikView - Business intelligence system

Visma - Integration with business systems

Ådata - Integration with economy systems

Various e-commerce integraton servers

Internal data storage

A variety of e-commerce integrations


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Kommers is a system for purchasing, procurement and contract management - from needs to invoice. Delivered as a web service or as an own enviroment. Suppliers has their own system, a supplier portal called Kommers Annons.

Keyturned web services that suit private organisations and public organisations exists or you can choose your completely own enviroment with Kommers eNterprise. Kommers is developed for high flexibility with the opportunity to choose modules after needs.