The SaaS companies e-Avrop and Primona merge for a broader offer


Last year, procurement of public contracts in Sweden reached SEK 782 billion. By law, public authorities and entities must procure digitally. Now the two leading companies in the Swedish market for procurement solutions merge. Through the merger, the companies e-Avrop and Primona form a joint strong player in IT systems for e-procurement and e-purchasing, thereby creating a strong customer offering.

e-Avrop and Primona are leading suppliers in the Swedish market and each have a system for digital purchasing and public procurement. The companies are now joining forces. The respective brand for products and services will remain while together the companies will be stronger in product development and market presence and will have the power to grow in new markets.

"The merger benefit our product design and marketing processes. For example, we continuously see new regulations and standards evolving in the areas of e-procurement and e-commerce where both companies today invest heavily in software development to meet these requirements”, says Ernest Wessman, CEO of e-Avrop.

Private and public sector – a complete offer

e-Avrop, founded in 1999, is a Swedish company that provides knowledge and systems for the digital procurement process. The company offers system support for purchasing analysis, e-procurement and e-commerce in the public sector, as well as consulting services in procurement. The company also has a notice monitoring service Pabliq, where suppliers can get alert on upcoming public procurements.

Primona develops the system Kommers, a modular solution for e-procurement, e-purchasing and e-commerce since 1999. The application support procurement, purchasing, contract management and electronic trade – from need to invoice, suitable for both the public and private sector.

"Public procurement in Sweden is undergoing digitalization since many years now, however we see a growing need to also help the private sector to improve their procurement and purchasing. Together with e-Avrop we are a major player in public procurement. Furthermore, we have a good base for further expansion of our services for the private companies”, says Ragnar Lindholm, CEO of Primona.

The two companies are now both owned by Pamir, a Swedish investment company with a focus on long-term development of leading SaaS companies.

Public procurement important for Sweden's small businesses

Every year, approximately 18 500 contracts are procured, last year with a value of SEK 782 billion.
Efficient procurement systems and a high volume of tenderers is essential for an efficient use of our common tax money. Half of the tenders are submitted by small to medium sized businesses. Simplifying the process for both parties is an everyday priority for e-Avrop and Primona.

"Sweden needs thriving small businesses and the market for public contracts is an important source of income for them. Through our advanced and easy to use systems and services, more companies can access this market" says Ernest Wessman, CEO of e-Avrop.

For further information, please contact:

Ernest Wessman, CEO e-Avrop, +46 (0)8 50 11 90 01 /
Ragnar Lindholm, CEO Primona, +46 (0)8 58 00 17 06 / 



Easier than ever

With Kommers, Primona help public and private organisations to gain control and to steamline their management of procurements, supplier contracts and purchase orders - from need to invoice. Kommers makes it easier!