Kommers ready for Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Kommers is already today ready for the procurement type Dynamic Purchasing System, for both step 1 and step 2.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A dynamic purchasing system is a continuously published procurement notice with the opportunity for companies to apply to participate in the system (step 1). Qualified suppliers are awarded a framework agreement and will be part of a frame agreement group for renewed competition. For the call-off (step 2), the at the time qualified suppliers, are invited to a renewed competition (RC). The call-off may results in a call-off agreement (contract) or a purchase order. Dynamic purchasing systems requires a fully electronic process by means of an e-procurement system.

What does Kommers do?

Kommers handles all aspects of the system. Furthermore, Kommers facilitates the call off by means of structured call-off templates and automatic tender evaluation, thereby speed up the work significantly. The call-off can result in a call-off agreement (contract) or a purchase order. A purchase order that is created can be sent as a portal order, without any need of integration work, or with full electronic data interchange.


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Easier than ever

With Kommers, Primona help public and private organisations to gain control and to steamline their management of procurements, supplier contracts and purchase orders - from need to invoice. Kommers makes it easier!