1998: Primona started by Mikael Lagerkvist and Viking Lindholm. One of the first assignments was to help Kommentusgruppen with an IT support contract, which later resulted in the product Kommers.
2000: Primona move into the office at Kungsgatan.
2001: The recession begins for IT consultants but for Primona is fine and at this point there are 4 employees.
2005: Primona takes over all rights for Commerce and initiate development of the product. Primona Commerce AB is formed and Göran Tysk joins to power the business unit.
2006: In order to handle the growing demand for consulting services, Primona Consulting is formed as a separate business unit.
2007: Primona launches Kommers Annons as a standalone product for the advertising of procurements.
2008: Primona launches Supplier Portal based on the Ad Portal concept. The concept makes it possible to preform electronic trading with companies that do not support electronic protocols.
2009: Primona launches after intensive development Commerce 5, a complete web-based system for all parts of procurement, contracts and purchases. The product spreads to include the entire flow from need to invoice. Svevia AB becomes the first customer at Commerce Webshop, an internal order webshop.

2010: Primona spreads their presence in the market and forms strategic partnership with UNIT4 Agresso AB
2011: The webservice Kommers eLite launches in September 2011, and after six months, over 30 authorities have already joined.                                                                                                                         2012: The webservice Kommers eLite further developes and Primona now also offers call-offs and e-trading capabilities through this service as an option. In December 2012, Landskrona stad becomes the first municipality in Sweden to opt for a fully integrated system from the need to invoice through Kommers eLite.
Kommers and Kommers eLite further develops and Primona wins in both the public and private sectors. The focus is now 100% of Kommers.
2013: Primona launches Kommers eNtry for the private sector. Kommers is now available in Swedish, Norwegian and English.
2014: Primona launches Kommers release 6 with a new interface designed for mobile devices. Primona wins several important contracts.
2015: Primona launches integrated e-signing.