Kommers eNterprise

With Kommers eNterprise your organisation gets your completely own enviroment and you can freely decide the settings after needs. You can on your own decide how the drift is going to happen. There are big opportunities for customer adjustment. 

You can on your own decide in what way the system is going to be accessable and what safety solutions are wished. Kommers eNterprise kan be protected safely inside your firewalls. Kommers eNterprise simply gives maximum flexibility

Full flexibility

Kommers eNterprise can be delivered with standard settings appropriate for private or public sector, but directly from the beginning configuration can be decided.

Choose Kommers eNterprise

  • When there are high demands on flexibility, configuration and adaptiveness
  • When special demands on security exist
  • When there are a lot of users
  • When it is an international organisation
  • Select modules as needeed

Advantages and other solutions