Kommers best in test by ESV

Kommers scored highest on usability of the three procurement systems selected in the ESV frame agreement. 

ESV (the Swedish National Financial Management Authority sorting under the Swedish Ministry of Finance) has among its tasks to procure framework agreements for administrative systems used in the Swedish authorities. This include financial systems, e-commerce systems and now also procurement tools. In June 2016, ESV made a new market investigation followed by a sharp procurement in October. The procurement includes "Procurement tools" (lot A) and "E-commerce service" (lot B). Primona decided to participate only in "Procurement tools".

Verification of compliance of mandatory requirements were made in February 2017 and in March very serious and comprehensive user tests were executed. The tests were made by users with no previous experience of the tool, following predefined scenarios, at a limited time. The scenarios are generic i.e. do not follow the workflow of any specific Procurement system on the market. The users receive no guidance. The tests were followed by an expert evaluation in accordance with the dialogue principles in ISO 9241.

Primona is very pleased to be selected as supplier for the frame agreement in the award decision issued 3:d May. In addition, it is particularly satisfactory to note that Kommers was the tool that achieved the highest score for usability among its competitors and that Primona offer stand out as the most attractive tender.

The procurement is currently undergoing a review procedure. However, whatever outcome, it is encouraging to read the reports that are public on ESV website.


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