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By controlling suppliers and potential suppliers credit rating, serious critical situations can be avoided. Peak in production can be avoided or other delivery commitments to your customers can be ensured. Credit reporting normally takes place associated with procurement and signing of contracts and monitoring can be done with automated monitoring during the contract period.  


Kommers offers integrated control of companies in cooperation with external partners for risk enlightment. You can currently choose from three suppliers of risk enlightment data. The service is fully integrated in Kommers and a standard integration is done through an adapter. Primona maintains the integration with risk enlightment companies.

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Gives the possibility to find and import swedish companies directly in to Kommers. Data inclusive a basic credit rating for registered companies (AB) is delivered by UC (the webservice Webselect). The search feature is very handy with post registration of contracts, procurements with a direct invitation or with public register care. The service is not offered inclusive data and is included by default in Kommers eLite


Provides information corresponding to Skatteverket's form SKV4820. The information is retrieved from Sketteverket's mainframe environment through a direct integration. Data from SKV is free but the service can at the moment only be conveyed to the authorities. The service is included as a standard in Kommers eLite.


Provides detailed reports about the company. The amount of information depends on the selected enlightment companies and the selected report. Currently there is integration with Bisnode (Standard, Medium, Rating), CreditSafe (full report) and UC (standard, mini, Risk). In procurement, the report can be retrieved for the tenderer but the information is stored as metadata and PDF file in the procurement and at the company.


Monitors changes in selected companies in the market registry but can also be activated directly at the publishing of contract so that suppliers are monitored as long as the agreement is valid. Changes are announced from Kommers by email to contract managers and other competent involved individuals


Vid behov av registervård, till exempel i samband med inläsning av avtal i Kommers, erbjuder Primona möjligheten till en registerkontroll via UC.

Primona offers the opportunity to update the supplier company information in cooperation with UC AB, e.g in conjuction with the import of contracts to Kommers. 

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