Kommers Request

Replace notes and emails with a simple web form for the employees in the organisation. The form is short since Kommers has control over which department the employee belongs to, and which director who authorizes the cost center. Submitted assignments can then be delegated to an appropriate purchaser, to the submitter of the request or rejected because there already is a contract.

Possibility to request complementary and coordinate requests with already ongoing procurements.

A variant of the procedure is that direct procurements can not be created directly without first register a request. The request can then be approved and categorised by the procurement organisation before deciding if it should be directly procured by the submitter of the request or a frame contract procurement should be done by the procurement organisation. The procurement is then created with the push of a button.

The module can also be used for procurement planning and coordination between various internal departments and even with other public organisations.

Identify needs and plan procurements

 The module provides the following features:

  • The request for procurement from operations comes to the procurement organisation through a simple form that replaces emails, notes and phone calls.
  • Possibility to attach documents in the form.
  • Possibility for authorization before the request can be submitted, eg, by the unit director.
  • The request may be rejected if there already are appropriate contracts.
  • The request can be delegated to a procurer whereupon a procurement is created.
  • The request can be delegated back to the request submitter which then gets access to system support to make direct procurement himself.

Upphandling och inköp har aldrig varit lättare

Med inköpssystemet Kommers hjälper Primona offentliga och privata organisationer att få kontroll och effektivisera sina upphandlingar, leverantörsavtal och beställningar – från behov till faktura. Kommers gör det lätt att handla rätt.

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