Kommers Procurement

In the Procurement module all types of procurements are managed, from dossier preparation, publishing of a tender notice, tender evaluation, award decision, creation of a contract and filing the procurement. The Procurement Officer is guided by graphical process symbols, throughout the procurement process. The inquiry is made smooth as either a public notice or a direct inquiry, both through the supplier portal (Kommers Annons). The supplier portal is a free of charge service to tenderers where they download the specifications, read and ask questions and submit the tender.

The tender submission can be an upload of documents or by responding in a form, as defined by the Procurement Officer. If the tender prices are retrieved via a form, the tender evaluation can be automated and price lists can be created automatically as soon as the tender award decision has been made. Likewise, the contract documents can be created quickly if the specifications is built up in a structured format. Contract specification templates can be added by an administrator. In this way, the productivity of the Procurement Officer increase by magnitudes.

Support for all the procedures

  • Graphically guided processes under procedures of the public procurement acts (In Swden LOU, LUF, LOV) with schedule templates and the check of contract value.
  • Make the contract specification in a traditional document format or use structured/form-based format, or use a combination!
  • Speed up contract specification work bytemplates in structured and document format.
  • Use automatic evaluation models
  • Support for bids on partial areas.
  • Public ad or selective inquirys via the supplier portal (Kommers Annons)
  • A portal message function for safe communication with tenderers
  • Automatic reports and filing function.
  • Overview of procurements in a gantt-chart.
  • Manage large article specifications.
  • Credit control of tenderers integrated.
  • Integrated e-auction (option).

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