Kommers Market

In the Market Module, Kommers display an overview of suppliers and potential suppliers (such as tenderers). The registry is built up automatically by e.g. companies submitting a quotation, an enquiry is made or when a contract is created in the Contract module.

After the search Kommers reveals the reason why the company is available in the registry, eg, that they participated in a procurement, that there is at least one contract, or that orders have been made. All the details of the company are displayed.

Full control of the suppliers

The Market Module includes the following features:

  • A company register that is built up automatically when tenders / quotations are received, a contract is signed or new contacts are created
  • Categorising of suppliers and potential suppliers
  • Supplier assessment and trust level
  • With Kommers Risk Information, company information can be retrieved, risk enlightment and monitoring can be done via direct integrations with Bisnode, CreditSafe and UC
  • Integrated SRM with contact history
  • Automatic presentation of agreed and ordered economic values

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