Kommers Punchout

With fast moving items such as office supplies and food, it can be tedius to administrate the articles it in your own web shop. For this the option Kommers Punchout will greatly facilitate. Articles are fetched from the supplier's web shop and the order is completed in Kommers Order module.

With Kommers Punchout wild invoices from orders can be made in the external webshops avoided by actively agreements with suppliers instead on a simple integration with their web shop. Ability to authorize before ordering and statistics for monitoring.

Collect orders

  • Information Puff with a quick link for automatic login to the supplier's web shop.
  • Possibility of different logins with different privileges depending on the user's role in Kommers.
  • Cart retrieved automatically back in Kommers, where the order is completed.
  • Authorization can be made before the order is sent.
  • The order can be sent via Supplier Portal or with EDI. Get started quickly by starting with portal trade while the EDI-integration is in progress.
  • Supports the majority of web shops through support for OCI 3.0.


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