Kommers Procurement

In the procurement module all types of procurements are handled, from dossier preparation, tender, tender evaluation, award, create agreements and final filing the procurement. The procurer is guided by a clear graphical display throughout the procurement process. Inquiry takes place smoothly as a public advertisement or directed inquiry by Kommersannons.se where the suppliers free of charge leave their tender documents, or answer the online form as the procurer created.

If the tender prices are retrieved as a form, tender evaluation can be automated and price lists can be created automatically as soon as the winning tenderer is authorized. Likewise, the contract documents can be made quickly when the specifications are built up in a structured form. Already complete templates can be added by an administrator. That way, it goes very fast for purchasers to create standardized requests.

Standardise work and be more efficient

  • Graphically guided processes under procedures of RFI, RFO, RFP with schedule templates and the amount control.
  • Make documentation form based, document-based or in any combination.
  • Use structured templates or document templates.
  • Automatic evaluation models and support for partial areas.
  • Public ad or selective request for quotation via Kommersannons.se
  • Secure communication with tenderer through the portal message function.
  • Authorization before contract if desired. Automatic reports and filing function.
  • Overview of procurement with a bar chart.
  • Manage large article specifications.
  • Risk enlightment SKV and external sources integrated.
  • Procurements can be finalised using an integrated e-auction with the option Kommers eAuktion (optional).

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