Kommers IAS

Are you tired of printing paper and send contracts by mail? Electronic signatures significantly improves the signing of contracts and other documents. You save time, travel, paper and environment. With e-signing fully integrated in Kommers there is no need for external services.

IAS stands for Identify And Sign. With Kommers IAS, electronic signing of all kinds of documents can be used in all file areas of Kommers. The signed documents can then be sent to e.g. a supplier as a portal message.

Eliminate paper

  • Electronic signing of all kinds of documents such as contracts, award decisions and other protocols.
  • Sign directly in Kommers and send documents with portal announcement of the signing of the Supplier Portal.
  • At the signing the user legitimize with BankID-, Nordea, Telia or Steria certifikat.
  • Support for mobile bank-ID.
  • Multiple people can sign.
  • Ability to verify that the signatures are valid.
  • In the future a possibility to check if a document is signed.

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