Kommers SSO

Does your employees have problem to remember their passwords? Would you like to facilitate the administration of many user accounts? With KommersSSO the employees are automatically logged with after a simple click on a link on the Intranet using so-called Single Sign On.

KommersSSO är en komponent som installeras i nätverket. Den höjer användarupplevelsen, förenklar administrationen och höjer säkerheten genom att användaren först identifieras mot nätverksregistret (Microsoft AD). 

Safer and happier

An employee who for the first time clicks on the link will first end up on a registration page where he/she may verify and specify their information. The next time the user clicks on the same link, they will end yp on the page the link points towards. KommersSSO offers the following advantages:

  • Increases security through authentication of the user in the network register. A user who can not be found in the network registry will not be released into commerce.
  • Increases the user experience, users do not need a special login to Kommers. Once logged on to the intranet, they can surf directly to Kommers.
  • Simplifies management by allowing users to register themselves. A predetermined eligibility is automatic set. An administrator can then change their permissions.

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