Kommers Contract

The basis for contract fidelity, effective call-offs and competition exposures of suppliers, is an effective contract database. In Kommers Contract module, all the old and new contracts are administrated and made available to the exact right people.

Kommers Contract module can handle all types of contracts for the purchase, including direct material contracts, co-operation and rental agreements. Existing contracts can be added manually be or imported into the system. Primona offer help with the loading of your current contract system. 

More than a contract catalogue

  • All types of documents can be stored in the database and can be added with drag-and-drop from your PC. Contract documents can also be created and edited from structured templates or from tagged contract paragraphs in the contract specification.
  • The grade book gives purchasers in the organisation the ability to give feedback and comments on the contract. Comments are displayed only for the person or persons authorized to administrate the contract.
  • Price lists can be created from strucktured quotation, uploaded by the purchaser or by the supplier in the Supplier Portal. The price list can then be directly handled in Kommers Web Shop module or exported to an external ordering system.
  • There is support for the ranking, and that makes renewed competition or call off request.
  • Exact publishing to the competent organisation.
  • In the contracts aggregated values appear and Kommers Order module is used to show how many orders are made on the contract.


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