For public sector

Kommers does more than procurements

Procurement is only one of the activities of a purchasing activity. Don't you also want to ensure that the organisation behaves accordingly to the contracted agreements?

On Primona we think a step further. Kommers is developed for all users in the organisation. It's about finding the right contract, finding procured items, directly procure yourself or ask the procurement organistion for help.

Kommers gives purchasers the control without making them a slave to a system. With the Web service Kommers eLite, municipalities, county councils and government agencies quickly gets access to a turnkey solution. If you are in need of high flexibility then you choose Kommers eNterprise

Now procurement and purchasing is easier than ever

With the add-on +Handel you are quickly up and running with an integrated solution - from need to invoice

Solutions for public sector

Some Kommers-customers in the public sector


Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest municipality. Since 2014, the municipality companies and foundations use Kommers eLite for procurement and contract management. Functions for coordinating facilitate cooperation within Uppsam-regionen.

Inköp Gävleborg

One of Sweden's largest purchasing centers where Kommers eNterprise is the hub of activity. Procurement, contracts and price lists are handled for 10 municipalities in Gävleborg and Hälsingland. Several integrations.


In December 2014 Helsingborg stad selected Kommers eLite for handling procurement and contract management. Adjustments have been made in the spring of 2015. Kommers SSO is used.

Havs- och Vattenmyndigheten

This authority is gardening that Sweden has a living sea and fresh water. Kommers was introduced in 2014 to deal with contracts and procurement.