2019-04-24 13:00 Problem with telephone

Primona is updating the swithsboard and we currently experience problems if you try to rech us on +46-8-6123453.

To contact Support please call 46-70-7679476.


2019-04-16 20:25 Normal operation

The interruption is solved. Downdown 6 minutes.


2019-04-16 20:19 Not planned interruption in the service for Kommers and Kommers Annons

Our hosting partner has an interruption in the service. We are investigating the reason for the interruption.

The following systems are affected:

Kommers eLite and Kommers Annons / eLite
Kommers eNtry and Kommers Annons / eNtry
Customers where Primona is responsible for running Kommers eNterprise or its supplier portal